Are you Living a Fulfilled Life?

Do you wake up in the morning ready to face the world and thankful for being given another day?  Can you say that you are completely happy with everything that you do in this life and that you are living life to the fullest? If you can, then you are living a fulfilled life.
Living a life of fulfillment is what all of us desire to do yet so few have been able to do. Why do you think this is? It certainly seems to be an easy enough thing to …

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3 Tips from Certified Life Coach for Lawyers on Creating a Positive Work Environment 
Let’s face it.  The legal industry has had a rocky history in terms of work environments.  As a certified life coach for lawyers, I’ve seen that now more than ever, associates and partners are beginning to feel higher levels of stress and burnout symptoms than before.  The stress from the layoffs happening in large law firms and the volatile economy is affecting law partners and associates alike.
So, what can a law firm do to bring about an …

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When Should you Look Into Coaching for Lawyers?
I recently visited a friend of mine who has her own law firm.  I was extremely happy for her. She took a huge and fruitful step in her career. She has a lot to be proud of. Yet, I was a bit concerned about her at the same time. She has only been out on her own for three months and already looks ragged, hardly sleeps, and is becoming very forgetful. She jokes about the amounts of stress she is under and how …

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What is the Real Meaning of Work Life Balance?
Do you know what work life balance is? Do you have it in your own life or do you see it as a mere myth meant for others to obtain?
Work life balance is the separation between your work life and your personal life. It is the boundary that you create between your profession, career, or business and every other segment that makes up your life. Aside from your career, these segments include your family, personal growth, spirituality, fitness and health, and community …

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12 Easy Steps to Create Positive Self-Talk Leading to Your Success
Have you ever noticed a trend in the thinking patterns of successful people? Have you ever wondered why it seems like success comes so easily to some people and so difficult for others?
It all has to do with your beliefs and self-talk.
People that achieve success in a consistent basis have one thing in common. Whether they are successful athletes, executives, business owners, or artists, they all know that they will succeed. They know this before they even attempt to …